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David Roth

David Roth

Primary Location: Jackson Park Golf Course

My quest to become a better player led me to study the golf swing and teachings of many of the game's notable instructors. Now in my eighth season, I realize first hand how true a few of those comments resonated with me, specifically: 'that even good athletes need to be humbled before they can learn golf, and most golfers have not been inspired enough to understand and appreciate the short game.' Working and talking to people at the driving range will quickly allow you to see that there is a lot of mental hopscotch going on in the head of anyone with a club in his hands and often unrealistic expectations about the learning curve.

In essence, my teaching philosophy can be summed up as a mixture of lessons, purposeful practice and mini-playing lessons. I feel the latter is most important in enabling students to transition from the range to the course and find a comfort zone. Along the way, you'll learn how body and mind control lead to more controlled swings, i.e., consistent and repeatable, and subsequently, more frequent good shots.

Talent sometimes takes a while to surface, so patience is required. The path to success is really a journey of testing your intention, but each small victory fosters a feeling of great accomplishment. Discovering that joy together is my goal.

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