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Lloyd Higley
TEACHING PROFESSIONAL Primary Locations: Diversey Driving Range

Primary Locations: Diversey Driving Range

Lloyd has been a student of golf instruction for many years. He has studied the great instructors from the past such as Ernest Jones, Percy Boomer, and Alex Morrison. In recent years he has spent hours going over the teachings of Tom Tomasello, Homer Kelly, S&T, Kelvin Miyhara and Brian Manzella. 

Lloyds teaching philosophy is based on 3 core beliefs.

1. Learn swing physics

The premise that knowledge, rather than muscle memory, is the path to success and that a lack 
of success comes from incorrect understandings as opposed to lack of ability.
2. Develop sound body mechanics.
Knowing how the muscles and joints work best to create an efficient and injury free golf swing.
3. Train your brain to learn. 

Understanding that to learn a new motor pattern takes an understanding on how the mind learns.

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