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Ben Mutz

Teaching Professional, Author

Primary Location: Diversey Driving Range

Ben Mutz created The Mutz Method of Golf Instruction back in 1987 and author of “The Five Objectives of a Successful Golf Swing – One Dimple at a Time” and “Putt Two Par – How To Master Distance Control When Putting“.

The Foundation of his method and teaching approach began on the putting green where he invented his “Body Part to Body Part” theories of how you practice and play golf the exact same way. The K.I.S.S. Theory of Golf Learning.

In order to become a Master Putter you first and foremost must become a Master at Distance Control and his Method will do just that in one two hour putting lesson. Guaranteed.

From a One Yard putt to a Full Swing Drive you will learn how to THINK like a Tour Pro and then you will naturally have the opportunity to reach your Fullest Potential as a Golfer. The cornerstone of this teaching has two very definitive objectives: In the Full Swing the Foundation is Weight Transfer and in the Putting/Short Game that Foundation is Distance Control.

This is Golf Instruction Kept Simple and he does this by applying The K.I.S.S. Theory of Golf Learning.

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